The Throne By Violeta Milovanovic Salinic Pdf

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The Throne By Violeta Milovanovic Salinic Pdf

Download The Throne By Violeta Milovanovic Salinic Pdf book free online – from The Throne By Violeta Milovanovic Salinic Pdf book; The 8th collection of short poems by Violeta Milovanovic Salinic represents the new throne that the poetess managed to regain. The poetess promises to “remain faithful to poetry, always and more.”

This collection is also a search for new lines, inspiration and novel ideas.

Will the poetess find them? Will she rise again?

Poems from the book:

Glass floor
Somewhere underneath
the thick layers of ice and snow
a heart beats fast, then slow;
and every snowflake
weaves a new song,
for the gown to jive and dance
on the glass floor.
Will it break
or will it endure?

Purple and gray
Could these purple dreams
suddenly become gray?
Oh, but they already have!
The colour of ash
has spilt over the skies,
cheeks, poems and the eyes.

And could the verse turn into
Could your Love become
Hope says – no!
But the gray dreams
keep echoing –
We won’t let go!
Won’t be
My words won’t be hushed!
My wings won’t be cut!
My soul won’t be spread
like ashes in the wind or haze.
And my poems won’t turn into silence
but shout and scream,
perhaps impart wisdom
in the lines, between.
My hand won’t stop;
it will be writing till it drops…

Anguish or happiness?
Tailing off into nothingness –
anguish or happiness?
Better be the former
with an ash, tarnished crown
on the head
slither along the ground
like an inveterate smoker
begging for the last one
before the soil covers it up;
smash the anguish into smithereens!
Why should happiness
be on the guillotine?

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