The Testimony By Richard Shekari PDF

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Download The Testimony By Richard Shekari PDF book free online – From The Testimony By Richard Shekari PDF: A family of five invites their good neighbour over for dinner. Things get ugly as someone decides to teach them a lesson they will never forget.


The doorbell rang. The time was 6:48pm.

“I’ll get it!” Tiffany said as she walked to the door, she had a pink top on. A teenager who just couldn’t wait for her next birthday. She peeked through the peephole and smiled. “It’s Greg!” She said as she opened the door.

“Hi, Tiffany!” He said. “You hold on to that,” he smiled as he handed her a bottle of wine. “This one’s heavy for your delicate-self!” Referring to the big red wrapped box he carried. Greg was in his early thirties, he was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a jacket on top.

“Wow!” She said excitedly, “Mom will devour this, trust me!” She smiled back, “Oh my, you seriously had to drive to our house?” On noticing his black SUV packed on their front yard not far from the mailbox.

“I can explain,” he replied, “see, the thing is…”

“The box is too heavy for you to carry?” She interjected.

“Well,” he remarked as he nodded, “You’re smarter than you look, young lady. Maybe you should run for president when you’re of age!”

“Apparently my parents aren’t spending their money to get me a good education for nothing.” She giggled, “Please come in!” She turned, “Mom! Dad! Greg is here!”

Greg followed her as he panted.

“I can see you’ve changed your glasses again!” She said.

“Naa!” He responded, “I changed the frame!”

“You know one thing I like about you, Greg?” She said.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Aside from your dashing personality…” She added, “…You’re too generous for a neighbour! Is the box heavy? You can just….”

“No, it’s okay.” He interjected, “Doesn’t weigh much!”

“Okay,” She remarked, “So how was service today?”

“Just the usual chatter.” He replied. “It was good, not my favourite priest though.”

“Oh, is that why you left very early?” She asked. “We took some photos, it was fun. You missed!”

“Yeah,” he said, “Had some things to do.”

“Oh I see!” She responded. “Samantha kept bugging us with her usual, ‘where’s Uncle Grey.'”

“Uncle Grey!” Mumbled a little girl as she ran towards him.

“Oh, hey Samantha!” He said.

“Speak of the devil!” Tiffany said, she gave way for her kid sister to pass.

“Uncle Grey brought present for me?” Samantha asked as she hugged his legs.

“Yes, I did.” He replied, “And I am sure you’re going to love it.”

“Easy, Sam!” Tiffany said, “It’s Mr Greg, not Uncle Grey or just call him Greg! Okay? Get off of him, the box looks heavy. Go to mommy! Come on, shoo!”

“Take it easy on her,” he said, “She’s just a kid.” He dragged his leg cautiously to avoid pushing Samantha to the floor.

“Yeah, right.” Tiffany said, “This bug buzzes worse than a bunch of bees!” She walked to the dining area.

Her mother walked in from the kitchen holding a bowl of beef chilli.

“Yum! Yum!” Said Jacob as he walked behind holding some plates. He was a timid teenager.

“Mom, why do you allow this Rugrat into the kitchen?” Tiffany said.

“Because someone refused to lend me a helping hand?” Said her mother as she placed the bowl on the dining table.

“You have no idea what I saw him doing with a dead rat at school on Tuesday!” Tiffany added.

“Hey, Mrs Shortner!” Greg said. “You seems to be getting into shape lately!”

“Oh thank you, Greg!” She replied, “Been seriously working out.” She giggled, “Got to stay in shape in order to get rid of the competition, you know what I mean?” She winked as she laughed, “You arrived on time. Sorry, we’re starting a bit late, my husband came home a little late from the grocery store. See why women prefer to do the shopping themselves?”

“And I thought the late thingy is the other way around!” Greg said. “Where do I put this?”

“Are you kidding me,” said a male voice as a bald-headed man in his late-forties walked down the stairs, “Honey, if it was you that went to the market, we’d still be waiting for your return by now with spoons in between our teeth!”

“Yeah, right!” She responded.

“Hi Jerome!” Greg said, still holding on to the box.

“I can’t wait to chop these delicious delicacies with my crushers.” Jerome added as he walked to his wife, he kissed her. “You smell like heaven, honey!”

“You guys should get a room, please!” Tiffany said. “Ugh!”

“We own the house young lady,” Jerome responded, “Me and ma baby we own this C-R-I-B, shorty, you got that?” He bounced as he mimicked a rapper. He then turned to Greg with his hand stretched, “Dude, what’s that you’re holding?”

“Oh, nothing much.” He said, “Just a gift for the family.”

Samantha poked him, “Gift for me?” She mumbled, “My box?”

“No, Samantha!” Greg said, “Yours is a special one!” He smiled.

“Mine special?” Samantha added, “You buy me doll?” She giggled.

“I’ve got something more beautiful for you,” he said as he managed to hold the box with one hand. He slipped his right hand into his jacket and pulled out a small box then handed it to her.

“What is it?” She said as she snatched the small box from his hand.

“Open it!” He replied.

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