The Telegraph Boy By Jr. Alger Horatio Pdf

The Telegraph Boy By  Jr. Alger Horatio Pdf

Download The Telegraph Boy By Jr. Alger Horatio Pdf book free online – from The Telegraph Boy By Jr. Alger Horatio Pdf book; The class of boys described in the present volume was called into existence only a few years since, but they are already so numerous that one can scarcely ride down town by any conveyance without having one for a fellow-passenger. Most of them reside with their parents and have comfortable homes, but a few, like the hero of this story, are wholly dependent on their own exertions for a livelihood.

Life in the city seemed more precarious and less desirable than he anticipated.

“Well, I must go to work again,” said Dick, after a while.

“Where are you going to sleep to-night?” asked Frank.

“I don’t know whether I’d better sleep at the Astor House or Fifth avenue,” said Dick.

Frank looked perplexed.

“You don’t mean that, do you?” he asked.

“Of course I don’t. You’re too fresh. Don’t get mad,” he continued good-naturedly, seeing the flush on Frank’s cheek. “You’ll know as much about the city as I do before long. I shall go to the Newsboys’ Lodgin’ House, where I can sleep for six cents.”

“I wish I had six cents,” said Frank. “If I could only get work I’d soon earn it. You can’t think of anything for me to do, can you?”

Dick’s face lighted up.

“Yes,” he said, “I can get you a job, though it aint a very good one. I wonder I didn’t think of it before.”

“What is it?” asked Frank, anxiously.

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