The Sweet Spell of Success Bettina M Johnson PDF

Download The Sweet Spell of Success Bettina M Johnson PDF book free. A battle between a renegade coven and the witches of Sweet Briar…who will come out the victor? Lily Sweet was already preparing to take on the witch coven who has her father imprisoned, but when some of the town folk wind up missing, the realization that the enemy might be among them has her family and friends going into battle mode.

Trying to fight an enemy who hasn’t made her appearance known would be difficult under normal circumstances, but Lily has the crossroads demon, Pandora, on her side who has a score to settle and a few tricks up her sleeve. Will Lily and her friends prevail, or is the evil Deanna Fredricks too powerful and cunning a foe and it will be the end of Sweet Briar as we know it? Lily isn’t going down without a fight to end all fights…and this time she has a secret weapon of her own to evil the playing field. Will it work? Can she bring her father Charlie home? Or will her magic lead her to ruin?


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