The Stag by Hildie McQueen PDF 

Download The Stag by Hildie McQueen PDF book free. Everything about Artair Ross’s life is about to change. Cousin to the Laird and proud member of the warrior force, he is forced to give it all up to take over his ailing father’s duties.

However, when attackers overtake a village he is guarding, a shipwreck occurs and a horrible family tragedy happens, it is more than apparent Artair is in for greater battles than he’s ever known. Robena Mackay is devastated when her son is ripped away by her late husband’s family. After losing her parents and now her only child, she decides to fight back with all the strength she has left. Despite being a proud independent woman, when the laird’s cousin insists on becoming her defender, she pushes pride aside. Afterall, the assistance of a handsome protector may be her only option in the struggle that has become her life.VWill love soften the pain of tragedy and loss, or will it bring more heartache to her already grieving heart?”