The Specialist by Anna Hackett Pdf

The Specialist by Anna Hackett Pdf

Download The Specialist by Anna Hackett Pdf book free online. Harlow Carlson, the executive assistant, is having a terrible week. She has first been temporarily transferred to work for the dictatorial, workaholic employer Easton Norcross. She could be attracted to him since he is dressed up, but she really simply wants to stab him. Second, her father has disappeared and is in jeopardy. Finally, Harlow realizes she is in over her head when a strange man attacks her on the street. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Easton jumps in at that point. Her boss is now acting as her personal guardian, and he won’t accept no as an answer. Easton Norcross found meaning in creating Norcross Inc. after leaving the Army Rangers. He puts in a lot of effort, values having the upper hand, looks out for his family and staff, and lives on financial success. But his latest

About the Author

I’m a USA Today bestselling romance novelist who is passionate about sci-fi romance and fast-paced, emotionally charged romantic suspense. I adore writing about characters that defy all obstacles and accomplish seemingly unattainable feats. I like to think that we can all achieve the same thing. The bestselling and award-winning Norcross Security, Team 52, Galactic Gladiators, Hell Squad, and other series are all by me.

Download The Specialist by Anna Hackett Pdf


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