The Seven Dragons By E. Nesbit

The Seven Dragons By  E. Nesbit

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He is yellow, with the body of a lion and the face of a man. I wish we had a few Manticoras here now. But the last died hundreds of years ago–worse luck!”

Then the King ran and opened the book at the page that had “cora’ on it, and there was the picture–Manticora, all yellow, with a lion’s body and a man’s face, just as the Chancellor had said. And under the picture was written, “The Manticore”.

And in a few minutes the Manticora came sleepily out of the book, rubbing its eyes with its hands and mewing piteously. It seemed very stupid, and when Lionel gave it a push and said, “Go along and fight the Dragon, do,” it put its tail between its legs and fairly ran away. It went and hid behind the Town Hall, and at night when the people were asleep it went round and ate all the pussy-cats in the town. And then it mewed more than ever. And on the Saturday morning, when people were a little timid about going out, because the Dragon had no regular hour for calling, the Manticora went up and down 

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