The Secret by Giana Darling PDF

The Secret by Giana Darling PDF

Download The Secret by Giana Darling PDF book free. From Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Giana Darling comes the highly anticipated second book in The Evolution Of Sin, an angsty love triangle between a woman, the man she loves, and his girlfriend, who may be closer to her than she thought…

Is it possible to keep a life-changing secret from your family and friends when it is burning you alive from the inside out? One week. Seven days was all it took for my life to change irrevocably. It shouldn’t have been possible to fall in love with a man I barely knew while on holiday, but I fell so hard I was still seeing stars when I made my way to New York City to begin my new life. Armed with a newfound confidence in myself, I was ready to distract myself from Sinclair by tackling the new challenges that awaited me in the city, reuniting with my estranged family, and launching my career as an artist in earnest. Although I was heartbroken at the idea of never seeing the cold and dominating Sinclair again, I was braced for it. That is, until Sinclair showed up in the last place I ever expected to see him, and my carefully guarded secret affair is suddenly in danger of being discovered by those it could hurt the most.

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