The Scoundrel of Beauly Glen by Rebecca Ruger Pdf

Download The Scoundrel of Beauly Glen by Rebecca Ruger Pdf.On the death of her father, Catherine Dersey inherits Gladstone Castle and is immediately placed under

the guardianship of her uncles until she reaches an age of majority. However, at that time, her uncles dispute her claim, informing her that they will be taking the land that is hers, and she will live out her life in a nunnery. Unwilling to surrender that which is lawfully hers, Ceit travels the country, seeking the aid of the king himself. Robert Bruce, busy with his own war, asks her to name someone to act on behalf of her rights, her own champion.

Ceit doesn’t hesitate, but points to the hulking figure of the man standing at the king’s side, the one known as the Scoundrel of Beauly Glen. True, after only five minutes in his company, she’d judged him arrogant, disdainful, and too handsome for his own good. That aside, she was fairly certain that the brooding man might smite all the English—and perhaps a few self-serving uncles—with only one look for his frosty blue eyes.

William Sinclair is not pleased at all. He’d much rather being making war against a true enemy, in the service of his king, than playing nursemaid to some spoiled heiress throwing a tantrum because she didn’t get her way. But his king has given him no choice, charging him with securing the castle for the cause of freedom. Will plans to get the job done as quickly as possible and return to his king, and yet the more time he spends in the company of Ceit Dersey, the less war appeals to the stone-cold warrior.


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