The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon Pdf

The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon Pdf

Download The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon Pdf book free onlineb- from The Saddle Boys in the Grand Canyon Pdf book; A weird and wonderful story of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, told in a most absorbing manner. The Saddle Boys are to the front in a manner to please all young readers.

tightening his grip on his rifle, as he glanced once more toward that yawning crevice, leading to unknown depths, where the wolf pack lurked during the daytime to issue forth when night came around.

“That would be just like the old chap, for he knows nothing of fear,” Frank replied; “but of course there’s no necessity for both of us to go with him. One might remain here, so as to knock over any stray beast that managed to escape the attention of those who went in.”

“All right; where will you take up your stand, Frank?” asked Bob, instantly; at which his chum laughed, as though tickled.

“So you think I’d consent to stay out here tamely, while you two were having a regular circus in there?” he remarked. “That would never suit me. And it’s easy to see that you count on a ticket of admission to Sallie’s parlor, too. Well, then, we’ll all go, and share in the danger, as well as the sport. For to rid the range country of this pest I consider the greatest favor under the sun.

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