The Rules of Matchmaking by Rebecca Connolly PDF

The Rules of Matchmaking by Rebecca Connolly PDF

Download The Rules of Matchmaking by Rebecca Connolly PDF book free. Match not, lest ye be matched…Jane Richards is not interested in marriage at the moment, nor is she particularly concerned about it. The Season is an opportunity to be out and about, to engage with others, and to experience all that life, and London, have to offer. A house party to a castle in the Cotswolds with her elderly aunt isn’t exactly what she had intended, but her curiosity gets the better of her, and she accepts.

When she notices a gentleman who would be utterly perfect for one of her oldest friends, she determines she must intervene to make the match between them, but it will require help. Simon Appleby isn’t sure why he agreed to a house party in the Cotswolds, especially as he’d be accompanying his aunt, but it is better than enduring excessive events in London, all engineered to force romantic connections among Society. But even he must admit that his friend has found his perfect match among the party guests, and is going to ruin his chances if left to his own devices. Simon finds himself colluding with the amusing, if willful, Jane Richards to throw their friends together at every possible opportunity, finding more entertainment in interfering than he could ever have imagined.But are they the only ones making a match at this house party? Only time will tell.

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