The Rook’s Guide to C++ by Jeremy A. Hansen PDF

The Rook's Guide to C++ by Jeremy A. Hansen PDF

The Rook’s Guide to C++ – This Creative Commons-licensed textbook written by Norwich University students and faculty aims to provide an introduction to the C++ programming language. The PDF and original typesetting materials are available if you are interested in having a free digital copy of your own or if you wish to contribute to improving the book.

What you are reading is the first of what the author hopes to be many ever-improving iterations of a useful C++ textbook.

We’ve gone fairly quickly from whim to print on an all-volunteer basis, and as a result, there are many things that I’d add and change if I had an infinite amount of time in my schedule.

The vast majority of the contents were written in less than 36 hours by 25 students (mostly freshmen!) at Norwich University over a long weekend. Some of it is mine, and some was added by our crack team of technical editors as we trans-lated sleep-deprived poor grammar into sleep-deprived better gram-mar.

This step-by-step book is ideal for first-time programmers or those new to C++. The modular approach of this series, including sample projects and progress checks, makes it easy to learn to use C++ at your own pace.


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