The Rock Star by Tabitha Bree PDF

The Rock Sta by Tabitha Bree PDF

Download The Rock Sta by Tabitha Bree PDF book free. My dream job relies on one thing—taming Hollywood’s baddest boy. DEE: Xavier Black is everything I hate:
– Arrogant
– Reckless
– Known to drop countless panties
And it’s my job to keep him in line.How did this happen? One minute I land my dream job as a First Assistant Director, and the next I’m babysitting some rock star-turned-actor. A party boy who doesn’t even care about his own reputation, let alone mine. Now my big break lies in his hands, and he seems more invested in getting under my skin than doing his job. Oh… and did I mention he’s hot as hell?

XAVIER: There are three things I know:
1. The world thinks I’m a scoundrel
2. I am, in fact, not a scoundrel
3. I no longer give a crap; let people think what they want. So when I meet Dee, Queen of Sass, I let her think I’m a jerk. And hey… why not have a little fun while I’m at it? Ruffling her feathers is my new favorite sport. Only the more time I spend with her, the more I want her to know the real me. Not the me in the tabloids…It’s too bad she hates me. Oh well… let the games begin.
The Rock Star is a dual POV, steamy, enemies-to-lovers rom-com with plenty of banter, tension, and a HEA worth swooning over. It’s Book 2 of the Hollywood Heartthrobs series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone.


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