The Revenge of Power by Moises Naim Pdf

The Revenge of Power by Moises Naim Pdf

Download The Revenge of Power by Moises Naim Pdf book free online. Moisés Nam investigated factors that weaken power in his best-selling book The End of Power. The Revenge of Power by Nam focuses on the conditions, practices, technologies, and trends that contribute to the concentration of power as well as the conflict between factors that diminish and increase it. He focuses on populism, polarization, and post-truths, or the three “Ps.” Even though they are all centuries old, the autocrats of today have blended them in unsettling new ways to destroy democratic life. Power is still power. However, the process through which people acquire it and use it has changed. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

The Revenge of Power is brimming with seductive characters, gripping tales of power struggles and victories, and vivid illustrations of the ruses and strategies employed by autocrats to stave off forces that are undermining their authority. It ties together political strategies and global events to reveal a major and frequently covert shift in the way that politics and power are exercised on a global scale. Nam demonstrates how, upon closer examination, the same set of strategies to consolidate power appear repeatedly in locations with greatly different political, economic, and social circumstances using the best data currently available and insights drawn from recent social science research. He also provides insights into what can be done to ensure that freedom and democracy prevail.

The results of these power struggles will determine whether or not our future is more authoritarian or democratic. Naim answers the fundamental questions: Why does power concentrate in certain locations while fragmenting and decaying in others? And the key question: What does freedom’s future hold?

About the Author

Internationally syndicated columnist MOISES NAIM is a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He held positions as Venezuela’s commerce minister, the executive director of the World Bank, and the magazine’s top editor.

Download The Revenge of Power by Moises Naim Pdf


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