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Download The Real Deal by Brittney Sahin ePub book free online – From The Real Deal by Brittney Sahin epub: Holly McGregor shouldn’t be attracted to someone on the board of directors at her company. But she can’t avoid his unforgiving stare, deny their electric chemistry, or resist his touch, his mouth, the dangerous invitation she sees in his eyes.

Her family hates him, and the city fears him, but she knows there’s another side to Sebastian Renaud because he slipped–he let her witness the light beneath the dark. And now that she’s had a taste, she only wants to discover more.

When Sebastian first laid eyes on Holly, all he saw was a woman he could never have. But when Holly gets caught in the crosshairs of a sick game of vengeance, he has no choice but to step into her life, and resisting her will seriously test his resolve.

He’ll do anything to keep Holly safe, but protecting her means facing his demons–consequences be damned.

The Real Deal,
 a contemporary romantic suspense, can be read as a standalone.

Editorial Reviews


“Come meet Sebastian, a hot alpha male, who is surrounded by danger and violence and Holly, a strong confident woman, who takes control in the boardroom.” – Judy, Goodreads Review

“OMG!! This book is amazing! Holly and Sebastian are sizzling hot and sexy!! Romance, action and intrigue all wrapped up in this book kept me glued to my seat.” – Sue, Goodreads Review

“I feel like every Brittney Sahin book I read leaves me speechless, but The Real Deal takes the freaking cake! This book is so incredible and amazing and impossible to put down.” –Arielle, Goodreads Review

“Brittney has done it again, writing a story that keeps you glued to the pages and trying to solve the mystery along with the characters. It was exciting, thrilling and down right hot.” – Amy T., Goodreads Review

“Another great book by Brittney! I am in love with her stories and I was never one for romance novels, either. The plot just sucked me in from the first page.” – Angela D., Goodreads Review

“A man so dark and feared he needed no name. A woman so full of life and love that she caused a man to wage war in her honor. And a storyline that leads you down a path you shouldn’t go, but one you can’t stop yourself from taking.”Melinda P., Goodreads Review

“There are moments that steal your very breath and then, there’s the book that steals your soul.” – Leah B., Goodreads Review

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