The Radiology Handbook by J. S. Benseler

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The Radiology Handbook: A Pocket Guide to Medical Imaging (White Coat Pocket Guide) 

Designed for busy medical students, The Radiology Handbook is a quick and easy reference for any practitioner who needs information on ordering or interpreting images.

The book is divided into three parts:

– Part I presents a table, organized from head to toe, with recommended imaging tests for common clinical conditions.

– Part II is organized in a question and answer format that covers the following topics: how each major imaging modality works to create an image; what the basic precepts of image interpretation in each body system are; and where to find information and resources for continued learning.

– Part III is an imaging quiz beginning at the head and ending at the foot. Sixty images are provided to self-test knowledge about normal imaging anatomy and common imaging pathology.

Published in collaboration with the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, The Radiology Handbook is a convenient pocket-sized resource designed for medical students and non radiologists.

Book Review by WxMan2091

Great even for first/second year med students!

While I am not out on clinical rotations yet, this handbook is very helpful for lecture and lecture exams. We just completed our musculoskeletal block and this came in very handy for our lecture exams that had radiographs and for standardized patients. It is compact enough to carry in your white coat and thorough enough to get you the information you need to succeed. The author clearly acknowledges that this handbook is not meant to make radiologists out of us. However, it is basic enough to prepare medical students for rotations.

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    About the Author

    J. S. Benseler is a practicing clinical radiologist and associate professor of radiology at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, with over twenty years of experience teaching medical students, interns, and residents.