The Queen’s Cup A Novel By G. A. Henty Pdf

The Queen's Cup A Novel By  G. A. Henty Pdf

Download The Queen’s Cup A Novel By G. A. Henty Pdf book free online – from The Queen’s Cup A Novel By G. A. Henty Pdf book; Frank Mallett’s yachting adventure is transformed into romance and high adventure when the former soldier’s lovely lady is kidnapped — leading to action that ranges from England to the West Indies!

liest history.”

“Yes, I fancy we are all envying you, Mallett,” one of the other gentlemen said. “Partridge shooting is tame work in comparison with that which is going on in India. It was lucky for you that that first mutiny took place when it did, for had it been a week later you would probably have been gazetted out before the news came.”

“Yes, that was a piece of luck, certainly, Ashurst. I don’t know how I should be feeling if I had been out of it and the regiment on the point of starting for India.”

“I suppose you are likely to embark from Plymouth,” said Sir John.

“I should think so, but there is no saying. I hardly fancy that we should go through France, as some of the regiments have done; there would be no very great gain of time, especially if we start as far west as Plymouth. Besides, I have not heard of any transports being sent round to Marseilles lately. Of course, in any case we shall have to land at Alexandria and cross the desert to Suez. I should fancy, now that the advantages of