The Problem with Loving a Duke by Aria Norton Pdf

Download The Problem with Loving a Duke by Aria Norton Pdf.Lady Rachel, being an Earl’s daughter, never thought a suitor would approach her out of love. When she

and her twin sister attend a masquerade ball though, a handsome stranger leaves her wondering if there is more to high society than what meets the eye. Their connection is immediate, but they fail to learn each other’s names. So when she later sees him dancing with her identical twin sister, Rachel cannot help but fall to pieces…

How could she let herself dream of a man she barely knows?

Colin, Marquess of Coltonwood, is no stranger to heartbreak. When the enigmatic Lady Rachel catches his attention with her wit and intelligence, he dares to start believing in love again. However, a confusion that leaves them trapped between a potential scandal and his father’s expectations, is the worst possible omen for their romance…

Will he be able to right the wrong, or will he be forced to marry a woman he does not love?

Rachel and Colin find themselves drawn to each other despite him accidentally courting her sister, but the obstacles do not stop there. Another man shows interest in Rachel and Colin’s father stands in the way of their union. Will they be condemned to a loveless life due to their honest mistakes? Or will they find the courage to fight the forces trying to manipulate them into misery and follow the truth of their hearts?

“The Problem with Loving a Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


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