The Predicament of Persians by A.G. Henley Pdf

Download The Predicament of Persians by A.G. Henley Pdf.A bitter feud. A burning love. And cats.Kathleen Caplin hopes the annual CatFest convention in Denver will

be her big break. Her Persian cat, Juliet “Cat”ulet, is an invited guest thanks to the million-plus rabid social media followers who adore Juliet’s satin medieval dresses, the balcony settings Kathleen creates, and her Shakespearean-themed posts. If those same fans vote for Juliet as the Best Newcomer at CatFest, then Purina wants to talk sponsorship, and Kathleen can finally focus on building a business around Juliet’s success.But there’s stiff competition: another Persian cat called Romeo “Meow”tague. Romeo’s anonymous owner copy-catted Kathleen’s Shakespearean theme to build a massive following for himself. Although the loathsome man is clearly gunning for the sponsorship, Kathleen aims to win.For Joe Davis, CatFest is a means to an end. He wants out of office cube-land, and he can do it if his cat, Romeo, wins Best Newcomer and the Purina sponsorship. But then he meets her at the convention—Kathleen—the woman who teaches the torches to burn bright. After falling in love over the course of one magical night out on the town, Joe knows he’s finally found the woman of his dreams . . . Until he realizes the woman of his dreams is also the despicable owner of Juliet of the house of Catulet.Can Joe convince Kathleen that his only love sprung from his only hate? Or will there instead be a plague o’ both their houses?Read now and find out in this star-crossed lovers romance in the “quirky, hilarious, endearing” Love & Pets sweet romantic comedy series by USA Today bestselling author A.G. Henley!The Love & Pets Series:1. The Problem with Pugs2. The Trouble with Tabbies3. The Downside of Dachshunds4. The Lessons of Labradors5. The Predicament of Persians 6. The Conundrum of Collies 7. The Pandemonium of Pets: A Love & Pets Christmas Romance