The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink Pdf

The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink Pdf

Download The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink Pdf book free online. In his book The Power of Regret, Daniel H. Pink says that everyone has regrets. They’re a natural and healthy element of the human experience. Understanding regret can also help us make better decisions, perform better in work and school, and give our lives more purpose. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Pink debunks the idea of the “no regrets” philosophy of life using studies from social psychology, neuroscience, and biology. He lays out the four basic regrets that everyone of us has utilizing the largest sample of American attitudes about regret ever performed as well as his own World Regret Survey—which has collected regrets from over 15,000 people in 105 countries. These deep regrets provide fascinating insights into how we live and how we may improve our lives.

Pink lays out a vibrant new way of thinking about regret, as he did in his bestsellers Drive, When, and A Whole New Mind, and expresses his ideas in straightforward, approachable, and practicable ways. The Power of Regret explains how we can live richer, more involved lives by combining genuine stories of people’s regrets with practical insights for reinventing regret as a positive force.

About the Author

Daniel H. Pink is the author of a number of books, including the New York Times bestsellers When, Drive, To Sell is Human, and A Whole New Mind. His writings have been translated into 39 languages and have won numerous accolades. He lives in Washington, DC, with his family.

Download The Power of Regret by Daniel Pink Pdf


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