The Power of a Positive No by Williams Ury Pdf

The Power of a Positive No by Williams Ury Pdf

Download The Power of a Positive No by Williams Ury Pdf book free online. The word “no” is possibly the most important and strong in the English language. Every day, we are faced with situations in which we must say no: to individuals at work, at home, and in our communities; because no is the word we must employ to defend ourselves and stand up for everything and everyone that matters to us. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

However, as we all know, the incorrect no can ruin what we value most by alienating and enraging others. That’s why it’s so important to say no the proper manner. The art of the Positive No, a proven skill that everyone can master, is the key to saying no without ruining relationships.

This essential audiobook will teach you how to say a positive no in three easy steps. It will teach you how to establish and defend your most important interests, how to make your no hard and forceful, how to fight the other side’s aggression and manipulation, and how to accomplish all of this while still getting to yes. Finally, the Positive No will help you get to the appropriate yes, the one that actually serves your interests, not just any yes.

The Power of a Positive No is based on William Ury’s well-known Harvard University course for managers and professionals, and it provides concrete guidance and examples for saying no in nearly every situation. Whether you need to say no to a customer or a coworker, an employee or a CEO, a child or a spouse, this book will teach you how to say no in a clear, respectful, and successful manner.

The pressure to give in and say yes is increasing every day in today’s society of high stress and endless options, resulting in overload and overwork, expanding e-mail, and crumbling ethics. There has never been a time when no has been more required. A Positive No has the capacity to improve our lives by allowing us to say yes to what matters most to us: our own needs, values, and priorities.

About the Author

William Ury is the co-founder and director of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation’s Project on Preventing War. He has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 corporations, as well as the White House and the Pentagon, and is considered one of the world’s finest negotiators. Ury earned a B.A. from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Harvard University. More than five million copies of his books Getting to YES and Getting Past No have been sold around the world.

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