The Pleasure Trap PDF by Douglas J. Lisle

The Pleasure Trap PDF

Download The Pleasure Trap PDF book free by Douglas J. Lisle – The Pleasure Trap: A wake-up call to even the most health conscious Americans, this book challenges conventional wisdom about sickness and unhappiness in today’s contemporary culture and offers ground-breaking solutions for achieving change. Buy from Amazon

The Pleasure Trap PDF

Inspired by stunning original research, comprehensive clinical studies, and their successes with thousands of patients, the authors construct a new paradigm for the psychology of health that offers fresh hope for anyone stuck in a self-destructive cycle. Learn unique insights into the factors that make us susceptible to dietary and lifestyle excesses; then discover how to restore the biological processes designed by nature to keep us running at maximum efficiency and vitality.
This book can change your life.

Table of Content

Title Page
Copyright Page
Foreword by John McDougall, M.D.
Chapter 1 Telling the Truth
Understanding health and happiness
Chapter 2 The Biological Purpose of Life
The motivational triad and the moods of happiness
Chapter 3 The Pleasure Trap
The rewards of pleasure; “magic buttons”
Chapter 4 The Miracle and Madness of Modern Medicine
The role of pain; the healing goal
Chapter 5 The Evolution of Diet
Modern civilization and the “Diseases of Kings”
Chapter 6 Looking for Health in All the Wrong Places
Mental biases; health by subtraction
Chapter 7 Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind
The law of satiation; “yowel” circuits, “skinny” genes
Chapter 8 Magic Food
The dietary pleasure trap; rate your diet and lifestyle
Chapter 9 Getting Along Without Going Along
The Milgram experiment; preparing for integrity
Chapter 10 The Path of Least Resistance
Steps to a healthy life
Chapter 11 Environmental Revolution
A relentless advance; diet and cancer
Chapter 12 Let There Be Light
The need for sleep
Chapter 13 Heartbreak Hotel
The happiness strategy
Chapter 14 The Myths of Moderation
Breaking free
Chapter 15 Fasting Can Save Your Life
Escaping the pleasure trap
Chapter 16 “Show Me the Data”
Removing the cause
Chapter 17 True North
The road home
Sample daily menu


Patti Breitman was unerring in helping us to clarify the book’s theme, pointing us in what we finally recognized was the right direction. Jim Lennon’s skill in simplifying complex ideas was likewise invaluable. Several people were kind enough to read the entire manuscript, sometimes many times, and provide feedback that nearly always led to improvement. In particular, we would like to thank Cheryl Steets, Scott Anderson, Alec Burton, Cristin Eilerman, Ralph and Emmy Lisle, and Jamie and Cecil Spencer for their efforts and many helpful suggestions. Harold Goldhamer was a tireless editor who was always willing to correct us over and again, as needed. Jennifer Marano’s contributions were instrumental in making our work simpler, shorter, and more to the point. We feel fortunate for the discovery of Jodi Blanco and Kent Carroll, a team of true professionals who saw the value in our message, and made us say it better. We are honored that John McDougall read our work, liked it, and was kind enough to write the foreword. There are many people—too many to mention—whose work helped shape our thinking on these issues over the years. Attempting to help our patients free themselves from the pleasure trap has been a process that has often taught us much more than we have taught them, and we wish to thank them all. We are also grateful for having been made aware of the outstanding work of Drs. John McDougall, T. Colin Campbell, Herbert Shelton, Richard Dawkins, John Tooby and Leda Cosmides, and David Buss—all of whom have made major contributions to our thinking. Since each of these individuals may have significant differences of opinion with us, any mistakes we have made are, of course, completely our own. And finally, we would like to thank our cover designer Warren Jefferson, our editor Gwynelle Dismukes, and our publishers Bob and Cynthia Holzapfel for helping us to make this message available.


The Pleasure Trap has helped me solve the most challenging problem of my medical practice: Why is it so difficult for people to adopt a healthful diet and lifestyle—despite the obvious and overwhelming benefits? Since 1976, I have known how people can lose weight without ever being hungry; cure most cases of arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension; and reverse serious heart disease. Furthermore, for almost three decades it has been no mystery to me how one can prevent cancer, osteoporosis, heart attacks, and strokes. The common denominator for all of these medical problems is the modern Western diet—rife with foods so rich in high-calorie, refined ingredients that before industrialized times they were consumed only by kings and queens. This diet must be replaced with one consisting of whole, natural plant foods. Add to this seemingly simple step a little daily exercise, and you now have a medical tool more powerful than bypass surgery and drugs. The title of my first book, written in 1978, was Making the Change. That title was a reflection of my clear understanding that the primary obstacles to healthy living are the challenges we must face when we make changes. The Pleasure Trap helped me to understand these obstacles, and more importantly, I now know how to help my patients clear these hurdles. After reading this book, you will also have the knowledge to make long overdue improvements in your life.The Pleasure Trap PDF

The Pleasure Trap is about the nature of your own struggle for healthy living. Get over the idea that you are emotionally or mentally defective with some sort of obsessive-compulsive eating disorder—that your hunger drive is your enemy. There is no flaw in your basic human design. Unfortunately, this design evolved over millions of years to work within an environment where calories were hard to come by, and these calories only came as whole natural foods. One of the ways our ancestors managed to survive was to eat caloriepacked foods, so our bodies developed an innate preference for these foods. The high-calorie choices our ancestors had access to were limited, perhaps an occasional helping of the fat of dead animals or the milk of goats. Today the supermarket shelves are lined with over 60,000 items packed with sugar, salt, and fat, and high in calories. How are we supposed to fight millions of years of evolutionary preference for foods concentrated in calories? It doesn’t happen easily. As a result, many people suffer from poor health and obesity. And losing this fight with Mother Nature results not only in poor health, but also in low morale: “I lack self-discipline and can never make progress.” Both health and happiness are undermined. Investing a few hours in The Pleasure Trap can be your defense against the temptations of modern life. In this remarkable book, you will learn how to live in a world where your instincts can no longer be trusted.The Pleasure Trap PDF

You won’t have to give up enjoyment of life, but instead will merely focus on pleasures that are not destructive. You will see how to distinguish between healthsupporting and health-destructive behaviors, and how to get pleasure out of those that are beneficial. You will learn effective techniques for helping you stand up to unhealthy social pressures. With this book as your guide, you can chart a new course in life. You can look and feel your best, living life as it was meant to be lived. Before you get started on your journey through this life-changing book, I would like to spend a moment helping you prepare for the information you are about to read. You will learn the honest truth about what it takes to get healthy and happy. It takes effort. This book is not a sugarcoated fantasy. MORE THAN “BAD EATING HABITS” Probably 98 percent of the people I see in my practice tell me they have “bad eating habits”—and therein lies the problem. The Pleasure Trap PDF

They think of their troubled relationship with food as a “simple little habit,” rather than a “lifedestroying addiction.” In reality, this is a behavior that causes pain and suffering greater than tobacco addiction, alcoholism, and heroin dependence combined. Eating the wrong kinds of food is the leading cause of death and disability in the Western world, resulting in obesity, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, stomach pains, headaches, and constipation. Yet, we treat food merely like a bad habit. After all, everyone eats the rich Western diet, even chefs, doctors, and dietitians. Thin, apparently healthy people do too. It is served in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and the nicest homes, worldwide. How could something so widely accepted be a problem on the magnitude of heroin, alcohol, and tobacco? One major difference between food and substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and heroin is that most people (especially those not under the influence of these substances) can see the insanity in them. However, the actual users or abusers of these substances are rarely free to see the harmful effects of their addictions. The Pleasure Trap PDF

Think about the almost insurmountable obstacle that would confront a drug-addicted person surrounded only by other addicts to tobacco, alcohol, and heroin. They might actually consider their own addiction as normal and not see any need to change. Unfortunately, when it comes to food, 99.9 percent of the people living in developed societies are caught up in this damaging behavior, making it especially hard for someone wanting to “kick the habit” and become healthy.(Free PDF Books) In addition to the overpowering influence of friends and family, there is aggressive advertising by the food industry, far greater these days than the promotion of alcohol and tobacco. Increasingly, what do you find on supermarket shelves? Junk, junk, and more junk. You can add to this the foods served in almost every restaurant and fast food eatery. In The Pleasure Trap you will learn how these foods are actually addictive—that they hijack the brain’s pleasure pathways in the same manner as addictive drugs. It is a devastating trap. The Pleasure Trap PDF

But those willing to mount the proper degree of effort can out-maneuver these land mines too. People addicted to powerful substances are slaves. They cannot leave these substances alone, regardless of the havoc that is wreaked in their lives and the lives of loved ones around them. They are in denial, and part of this denial is that they cannot admit that they are out of control. The key to solving uncontrolled battles with food is to recognize the real power it has. Just as an alcoholic in a twelve-step program must admit, “…we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable,” people overpowered by modern artificial foods must come to this realization. The Pleasure Trap PDF

Ask any cigarette smoker how they quit. They were never successful while thinking they merely had a bad habit. They will tell you success came from putting every single ounce of energy they could muster into breaking free of their addiction. So if you want to win your battle over food, you must muster that same energy— stop thinking you merely have “bad eating habits.” Get better acquainted with your adversary, your obstacles, your demons. Learn to master them. The way forward is mapped out in the pages that follow. MAKING THE CHANGE There is a simple beginning to the process of making positive changes. Make the decision: “I do not want to be the person I am (fat, sick, lethargic, incapacitated, dependent on medication, etc.). I want my health and personal appearance back.” Making this decision is the hardest part of permanent change. Once made, however, the rest of the battle is comparatively easy.The Pleasure Trap PDF

Betty Ford, our former First Lady, deserves recognition for helping millions of people choose a better life. Because of her personal experiences with alcohol, the Betty Ford Center was created and has helped multitudes of people from all walks of life solve serious addiction problems. The Betty Ford Center is a residential facility where people can get completely away from a devastating trap: the world of addictive substances. The authors of this book have a similar oasis for food addicts—one of the few places in the world where people can completely free themselves from their dependency on food through fasting. The Pleasure Trap PDF

You will learn about this ultimate therapy in this book, and some readers may well find a trip to the TrueNorth Health Center to be the fastest and most effective way to make the change. Regardless of where you have looked for better health and how much trouble you are in now, you can begin to put it behind you by reading The Pleasure Trap, … and put yourself on a path to enjoy the life you deserve. John McDougall, M.D. www.drmcdougal

Editorial Reviews

Review – The Pleasure Trap PDF

“Lisle and Goldhamer make a major contribution to our understanding of why we do things not in our long term, best interest. It is a MUST read for anyone interested in making healthier choices.” –T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study

The Pleasure Trap is a bold, fresh look at the collisions between our culture and our health that take so many victims. I recommend this book to anyone seeking a clearly written and innovative guide to the very best of health.” –Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

“This is a must-read for scholars of nutrition, physicians, students, health care personnel, and anyone who is caught in or wants to avoid the pleasure trap.” –Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

“I found The Pleasure Trap the most compelling and interesting book I have ever read. This information should be required reading for the medical establishment before it’s too late. Sharing this book with your friends and family is unconditional love.” Howard F. Lyman LL.D., author of Mad Cowboy “The Pleasure Trap takes us on an extraordinary adventure, using science to lift the veil of mystery and return us to our natural state of health, guided by happiness. (Free PDF Books)This is the landmark book about health that we’ve all been waiting for.” Mark Epstein, President National Health Association “The Pleasure Trap is truly a landmark book! Never before has anyone put together such an eloquent, thoroughly referenced, comprehensive, and authentically holistic explanation about what allows health and happiness to occur. Using simple language and rich anecdotes, Drs. Lisle and Goldhamer have done a spectacular job of guiding the reader through a very complex smorgasbord of scientific information.The Pleasure Trap PDF

In their profound work, they have distilled the knowledge of numerous scientific disciplines into an integrated ‘science of health.’ It should be recommended reading for every health professional and every individual seeking optimum well-being. The theory is empowering—and I know it works because I have successfully used many of these principles in my health promotion medical practice over the past twenty years.” Ronald G. Cridland, M.D., CCFP Diplomate, American Board of Sleep Medicine “This is an important book—one that for the first time connects all the dots between the essential core of ancient natural healing and solid 21st century science. Natural diet and lifestyle (including periodic water-only fasting) are here explicated in terms of the latest human neurobiology, evolutionary psychology, and solid clinical studies. The Pleasure Trap PDF

To the reader’s great benefit, you tell the truth about drugless healing that is most specifically not what Big Pharmaceuticals wants you to hear and not what Big Foods wants you to hear—that taking commercial foods and drugs out of your regimen is often way better than adding more foods and drugs. You include an intelligent and sympathetic review of what’s good about medicine without skirting the truth that our ‘health care system’ is enabling a world of pleasure-trapped addicts. Your strategies for lifestyle change are well presented and likely to be most effective for those prepared to make the effort. Your perspective is broad, evolutionary, and historical. Bravo!” Scott Anderson, M.D. general practice, Rohnert Park, California

Review – The Pleasure Trap PDF

At first, it was kind of hard to get into. I read half of it and then put it down and didn’t read it again until I became really ill with allergic reactions to more and more things. I was getting hives and psoriasis to the point of my body feeling like it was burning on fire. I went to several different doctors, including naturopaths and functional medicine doctors. But all seemed to want to ADD this or ADD that. Take this to suppress it or that to heal your gut or this for more nutrition. Well, what I needed was to REMOVE all of that. This book gave me the push I needed to go on a fast to heal myself. I was stubborn about it for over a year, but I just couldn’t stand suffering anymore and having tried EVERYTHING. (Free PDF Books)I followed Dr Klaper’s online protocol for doing a fast and elimination diet. I made it 65 hours on a water fast at home, but was so weak I didn’t want to go further without medical help (you should never fast more than 3 days unless you are at somewhere like True North where they can monitor yo. Well that’s all it took for me anyway. So I ate some watermelon and started a strict elimination diet. My hives were gone. All my inflammation healed! And now it’s been over a year and still doing good- I eat a gluten free vegan diet. I know what to do if I feel inflammation. Cut out the processed food, drink water, do a fast for a day and give the body a break. It does wonders.

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