The Pirates of Shan By Harold Goodwin Pdf

The Pirates of Shan By Harold Goodwin Pdf

Download The Pirates of Shan By Harold Goodwin Pdf book free online – from The Pirates of Shan By Harold Goodwin Pdf book; Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty, are plunged into danger and excitement when they encounter the cutthroat pirates of Shan in the heart of the Pacific tropics.

During an expedition to locate two missing scientists, Rick, the son of a famous scientist and youngest member of the Spindrift Scientific Foundation, finds that piracy exists in a new and modem form. How he and his friends rescue the lost scientists and help to eradicate organized piracy in the Sulu Sea through the use of modern electronics makes one of the most thrilling adventures in the Rick Brant series.

Thirty-six hours later, after a grueling transcontinental–trans-Pacific flight with only the briefest of stops to change planes, Rick, Scotty, and Zircon were in Manila. Their stay in Manila only three hours old, they had already visited the American consulate and found that no new information on the missing scientists had been received; they had arranged a luncheon date with Dr. Okola, and had reserved space on Philippine Airlines to Davao on the following morning.

Rick paced the floor, sipping a glass of fresh limeade, made with calamansi, the tiny, pungent local limes. His time for the past three days had been spent alternately dozing and thinking about the problem of the missing scientists. The more he wondered about their strange disappearance, the more worried he became.

“There’s simply no reason for it,” he said aloud.

Scotty looked up from the chair in which he was reading the Manila Times. The husky ex-Marine didn’t have to be told what his pal 

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