The Outsider By Payton Lee Pdf

The Outsider By Payton Lee Pdf

Download The Outsider By Payton Lee Pdf book free online – from The Outsider By Payton Lee Pdf book; Excerpt: Thornton looked down upon the impeccably dressed woman. Theresa was the perfect woman. She had fine features, soft eyebrows, full mouth, perfect almond shaped eyes, and the perfect coiffure. Her bone structure was small and delicate. Her corset dress accented the tiny waist.

Theresa’s skin was ivory and flawless. She was the perfect woman just like Chloe. Behind all that refinement lay a venom-spitting serpent. Thornton pulled away. The gentleman upbringing by his mother prohibited him from properly putting that she cat in her place. Instead he turned to assist Leigh in righting herself.

Thornton’s temper took a heated rise once again when he saw the handprint in swelling red on Leigh’s cheek. A low growl erupted from his lips. It was all he could do to prevent himself from turning around and beating the shit out of that arrogant pompous peacock Leigh called a brother. That sister in law was a real prize as well. “Are you alright, Miss Junge?”

Leigh was embarrassed right down to her toes. The last thing she wanted was a scene with her new employer. Tears welled in her eyes. As hard as she tried she couldn’t stop them from running down her cheeks. She saw her mother hovering over her brother. The pain of rejection was as bad as the pain of embarrassment. Carl’s hand didn’t hurt that much. How many times had his righteous hand slapped her down to size? This was the worst and the most painful. Her brother loved to make a fool out of her. He was always successful. Fear ran rampant in her mind. Would Mr. Chandler not accept her after all? She couldn’t blame him. Who would want a reject that even her family didn’t care about? “Am I still your employee?” Leigh asked hopefully when Martin assisted her to her feet.

“What kind of question is that?” Martin said softly. “Of course you are. You start your apprenticeship with me tomorrow. “The only important thing right now is to find out if you’re hurt. Your cheek is swollen. I should send for the doctor.”

“No! Please don’t. I’m fine. I just need a cool rag,” Leigh protested. She didn’t want a doctor brought into this mess.

“Thornton, take Miss Junge into my private suites. Have her sit down and get a cool cloth for her. You know where the cloths are. Pump some fresh cool water,” Martin instructed. “I’ll be in to attend to my employee presently. First I must take care of my guests.”


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