The mystery behind being a woman

The mystery behind being a woman

She was nine when she started paying nature
They told her to stop the tears, she is now mature
The pains she goes through every month are beyond words
The money she wastes on pads
Worth more than the cost of iPads
She loses a fifth of what is used as a pint
But still, she was _molested, abused, mocked and abandoned_

She was thirteen when she was molested and abused
Raped; assaulted
She went through another pain
That will never give her gain
She is considered a nobody in the society
With her identity – tarnished
She hated her life and wanted to die
They said it was a lie
They called her names
She was full of blames
She was molested, abused, mocked and abandoned

Twenty-eight years of age
The pains of labor came knocking at the ‘gate’
Then her body weight was not the same
She was rushed inside that room
She cried, screamed and “boom”
She gave birth to the child
Blood, water, and tears she lost again
Tears of joy never destined to last
She was discriminated for giving birth to a girl
Another born- Jewel; doomed for the same fate
She was molested, abused, mocked and abandoned

She went through pains because she was a woman
They never see possibilities in her
kicked without a goal, what miserable life she had
Just then she died out of stress, depression, and rejection
The world lost a gold
Never to be returned.




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