The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz

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Download The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz book free – From The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz:Twelve-year-old Crispin has lived on the streets since he was nine—with only his wits and his daring to sustain him, and only his silent dog, Harley, to call his friend. Buy from Amazon

The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz

He is always on the move, never lingering in any one place long enough to risk being discovered. Still, there are certain places he returns to. In the midst of the tumultuous city, they are havens of solitude: like the hushed environs of St. Mary Salome Cemetery, a place where Crispin can feel at peace—safe, at least for a while, from the fearsome memories that plague him . . . and seep into his darkest nightmares. But not only his dreams are haunted. The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz.

The city he roams with Harley has secrets and mysteries, things unexplainable and maybe unimaginable. Crispin has seen ghosts in the dead of night, and sensed dimensions beyond reason in broad daylight. Hints of things disturbing and strange nibble at the edges of his existence, even as dangers wholly natural and earthbound cast their shadows across his path. Alone, drifting, and scavenging to survive is no life for a boy. But the life Crispin has left behind, and is still running scared from, is an unspeakable alternative . . . that may yet catch up with him.

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Stories about children living on the streets are always heartbreaking, yet Dean Koontz’s The Moonlit Mind is also hopeful. Crispin lives on the streets by choice, surviving with the help of a singular dog. Though they’re constantly on the run from Crispin’s mother and step-father, Crispin finds himself unable to leave the city until he understands everything he saw at his step-father’s house. Three years after he flees, he’s finally ready to return. Koontz builds the supernatural aspects of the story with a masterful touch, so that even at their crescendo, they fit naturally into the narrative. Taut pacing, a fascinating storyline, and unflinching descriptions of a life on the run combine into a powerful story about relationships: between a boy and his dog, between two children whose experiences add years of maturity to their ages, between man and time. Crispin’s will to survive–and to make things right–no matter what brings hope to even the darkest parts of the narrative. —Malissa Kent

Review – The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz

“Koontz writes first-rate suspense, scary and stylish.”—Los Angeles Times


The Moonlit Mind, Dean Koontz.

Evidently a 77 shadow street related novella. Haven’t read it yet but the sample chapters at the end of “The Moonlit Mind” would suggest at least the same geographical area is common.

I’ve always been amazed at how Mr. Koontz can turn a phrase, like, “The Moonlit Mind” and eventually, as he did in this story, he makes it mean more than you would ever suspect by just casual consideration.

Why 4 stars, not 5. I used the Goodreads terms for what each star means. 5 would be “amazing” and this one doesn’t quite get there. More like, “I really liked it” (4 stars). I once read “Door to December”, a long ago Koontz novel. Within a chapter or two I pretty much knew how things would resolve, yet I kept reading it just for the joy of consuming another literary meal served by Dean Koontz. I was correct in my assumptions while not getting every twist exactly correct, I could have set it down long before the end. This novella has that same quality to it. The Moonlit Mind by Dean Koontz

I’m not sure anyone could jump to a conclusion without having read as much Dean Koontz as I have… For me it’s like having a dear friend who you know is going to twirl a finger in their hair at certain stressful times. I’ve read so much Koontz you’ll catch me grinning from time to time. He can’t help letting a bit of his personal feeling seep through at times, and where I believe he does this, intentionally or accidentally, I nearly always agree with the sentiment.

The blurbs, jacket covers, publisher’s review, etc. will tell more than I do with my reviews, so sorry about that. Kids living on the streets of evil and lurking dark shadows… Master Crispin and Mistress Amity both runaways for dark and true reasons are all too aware of the elusive truth of their dark city, a truth that melts away when light is upon it like a retreating shadow. Yet the truth is also unseen when faded into deep darkness. The real dark truth can only be seen with a moonlit mind.

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