The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson Pdf

The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson Pdf

Download The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson pdf book free online. Why do so many game-changing ideas originate from persons with little or no prior experience in the field? When Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution, he was a geologist. What happened to the dinosaurs was eventually explained by an astronomer. The Medici Effect, by Frans Johansson, explains how breakthrough ideas most often happen when we introduce concepts from one field into a new, unfamiliar territory, and provides examples of how we might turn those ideas into game-changing inventions. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

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Summary of The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson Pdf

The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson, a management consultant and entrepreneur with a savvy aptitude for history and learning from a wide variety of creative achievements, aims for an explosion of amazing ideas, a wide-scale renaissance of intellectual research, and bold creativity.

His main source of inspiration is the Medici family, who are credited with starting one of the most innovative periods in human history. The Medicis sparked the Renaissance in Florence by bringing together top practitioners of many different disciplines – painters, sculptors, thinkers, architects, writers, and educators – and encouraging open discussion and exchange of ideas between them, resulting in a remarkable burst of creativity in fifteenth-century Italy.

“The Medici Effect,” he calls it.

Johansson passionately argues that we can reproduce these same settings and ignite fresh ideas and answers to our commercial and personal difficulties today, especially with the widespread availability of the internet. The purpose of this book is to show how to resurrect far-reaching invention creation that can move humanity in previously unthinkable directions.

Johansson shows that there are two sorts of innovation thinking – directed and intersectional – in his thesis. Because directional thinking is more linear, easy to see, and the natural next step, your competitors are rushing to get there first. Intersectional thinking, on the other hand, generates ideas from nowhere. These ideas aren’t immediately evident; they emerge from a seemingly random mingling or collision of unconnected concepts, and they’re tough to spot, leaving you with an open field – a “blue ocean” – to compete in. This lateral way of thinking, which emerges at the confluence of seemingly unrelated ideas, is at the heart of radical and explosive invention, and it’s the key to a modern-day Medici Effect.

About the Author

Frans Johansson, an author, entrepreneur, and acclaimed international speaker, has inspired readers and audiences around the world with his views on leadership and success, innovation, and diversity and inclusion. He is the founder and CEO of The Medici Group, an enterprise solutions firm that helps businesses use diversity and inclusion to create and sustain high-performing teams. Frans is also the author of two books, “The Medici Effect” and “The Click Moment,” the latter of which has been translated into 21 languages and has become the standard on how diversity and inclusion inspire creativity. Johansson has spent his entire life at the crossroads, having been raised in Sweden by his African-American/Cherokee mother and Swedish father. He graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Harvard Business School with a Master of Business Administration.

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