The Man Upstairs By Pelham Grenville Pdf

The Man Upstairs By Pelham Grenville Pdf

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resently she looked up and smiled, a moist and pathetic smile.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘for being so stupid. But he was so horrid and patronizing to you, I couldn’t help scratching. I believe I’m the worst cat in London.’

‘No, this is,’ said Beverley, pointing to the canvas. ‘At least, according to the late Sellers. But, I say, tell me, isn’t the deceased a great artist, then? He came curveting in here with his chest out and started to slate my masterpiece, so I naturally said, “What-ho! ‘Tis a genius!” Isn’t he?’

‘He can’t sell his pictures anywhere. He lives on the little he can get from illustrating advertisements. And I t-taunt–‘

Please!‘ said Beverley, apprehensively.

She recovered herself with a gulp.

‘I can’t help it,’ she said, miserably. ‘I rubbed it in. Oh, it was hateful of me! But I was all on edge from teaching one of my awful pupils, and when he started to patronize you–‘

She blinked.

‘Poor devil!’ said Beverley. ‘I never guessed

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