The Mafia King & Me By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf

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The Mafia King & Me By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf

Download The Mafia King & Me By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf book free online – from The Mafia King & Me By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf book; Zekhethelo is forced to leave Zweli’s house like she was forced into marrying him. When she hears that Zweli’s girlfriend is pregnant she files for divorce.

But for some reason filing for divorce makes Zweli fight for their marriage. But will Zekhethelo take him back. And what about the baby? Will she accept another woman’s child as her own?


I don’t want to wake up, it’s my birthday and I thought by now I’d be successful. But well life has other plans and sadly they don’t match with mine.

My phone pings there’s a new text.

Baba: Happy Birthday my princess. Hope you’ll continue making me proud. Love you always.

When I’m about to reply I receive another text from an unsaved number. I hope it’s Zweli.

Unsaved number: Happy Birthday. I hope you’ll have an amazing day


Did Nonhle have to say mom? My phone pings again when I’m about to put it on the bedside table, I bought yesterday.

Sizwe: Happy Birthday dearest. May you grow wiser and stronger. I hope you’re okay.

This puts a smile on my face. I reply to both my dad and Sizwe. I won’t reply to Nonhle’s text. I look at the time it’s 2am. I haven’t slept well in 2 days. And I’ve been tossing and turning for the past 8 hours makes me wish I had a TV.

I must’ve fallen asleep because I’m waken up by an incoming call. It’s Mpumelelo.

“Hello” I answer sleepy.

“Birthday girl you’re still sleeping at 12pm?”

“My eyes fly open and I look at the time from the watch just above one of the couches. My God.

“I haven’t slept in days. I’m exhausted

“We are taking you out”


Yes, me, mom and Sizwe”

“Oh” and we are silent for some time. I was hoping that Zweli would come with.

“We’ll be there in 30 minutes”

“Okay no problem” we hang up. I honestly don’t want to go out especially with Zweli’s family but I have no choice. 30 minutes later I’m sitting outside the door and a red Range Rover stops and then Sizwe tells me it’s time to go. I get in the car and I’m greeted by a hug and they all sing so beautifully which almost has me in tears. We travel to some park and then Mpumelelo and Sizwe carry baskets, blankets and presents. We walk for about 5 minutes we find a perfect spot by some lake. We sit down and we chit chat and then time for presents. I can hardly wait. I open the first present it’s from Mrs. Khumalo. She bought me a beautiful knee length yellow dress. I hug her. I don’t have many dresses and soon I’ll be working. Never been in an office environment before but I’m looking forward to it. Another present is from Mpumelelo, he bought me Spa ticket plus a gift card from Woolworths and a laptop. Just what I needed. And the last present is from Sizwe and Anthony, I smile at the thought of them going to buy me a present. I open the box and I see a long rectangular box. There’s a necklace and bracelet with pearls and diamonds. These are the best gifts. I can’t help but cry. I hug them until they complain that they can’t breathe. The Mafia King & Me By Hlengiwe Mathebula Pdf

We sit until it gets dark. We all don’t want to leave but we have to. The thought of going to that back room alone makes me sad. I get home after 8pm and I see missed calls from some of the family members and a text from Momo. I call everyone back. I talk longer with my grandma. After hanging up I read Momo’s text.

Momo: Happy Birthday my little princess. I can’t believe you have grown so much. I am so proud of you and thank you for accepting me in your life.

Love you always.

I read the text and I smile. I reply once again saying thank you for choosing us and that I also love her.

I’m sleeping when my phone rings at 10pm, it’s Melo and I’m not in the mood to talk to him so I just switch my phone off. I just had an amazing day I don’t want them spoiling it.

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