The Long Game by Dorie Clark Pdf

The Long Game by Dorie Clark Pdf

Download The Long Game by Dorie Clark Pdf book free online. It’s no secret that we’re stretched thin. Professionals nowadays are rushed, overwhelmed, and often behind schedule. How do we break out from the cycle and live the exciting, fulfilling lives that we all desire? The same is true in our personal and professional life as CEOs who optimize for quarterly earnings frequently fail to make the strategic investments required for long-term growth. We all know intellectually that sustainable success requires tenacity and effort, as prominent business thinker and Duke University professor Dorie Clark argues. Yet, so much of our culture’s constant pressure urges us to do what’s simple, safe, and glamorous at the time. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

She argues for a new route in The Long Game. It’s about doing tiny things consistently over time to attain your goals – and being willing to stick with them even when they seem worthless, dull, or difficult. Clark shares unique principles and frameworks, as well as her own instructive experiences, in The Long Game to show how you can tap into the same 24 hours that everyone has – but leverage them in more efficient and powerful ways to break free from the frenetic day-to-day routine and transform your life and career.

Summary of The Long Game by Dorie Clark Pdf

Three Steps to Developing a Long-Term Perspective
On your path to become a long-term thinker, you need cultivate three mental habits.

Independence. Long-term thinking is fundamentally about remaining true to yourself and your vision. There’s a lot of pressure in our society to please people in the short term: saying yes to one more obligation because you don’t want to disappoint someone, or choosing the “wonderful job” that everyone else admires but leaves you feeling dead inside. It might take a long time for long-term action to pay off—and if you’re seeking for validation outside of yourself, the wait can be painful.

Curiosity. Some people are content to follow the path that has been carved out for them by others, without questioning or considering alternatives. However, for many of us, a lifetime of coloring between the lines can feel hollow, especially if our passions differ from what society values. We may not know the exact ideal path for us (who does at first? ), but curiosity is a quality that can bring us there. By observing how we spend our leisure time and learning about who and what fascinates us, we can gain insight into what motivates us—and, eventually, where we can begin to contribute.

Resilience. By definition, doing anything new and different is experimental. You have no idea if it will work or not, and it frequently does not. Too many of us cower in the face of rejection or failure, figuring that the editor who rejected us was the ultimate arbiter of taste, or that the university that rejected us knew exactly what it was doing. But this is just not the case. Chance, luck, and personal inclination all play significant roles in how events unfold.

We can all improve our talents, learn new strategies, and think more strategically in the long run. It is my aim that this book has equipped you with techniques to help you get started on your journey—and, more importantly, to keep going until you reach your desired destination.

About the Author

Dorie Clark is an executive education professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, as well as a consultant and keynote speaker. Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You, and Stand Out are her books. According to the New York Times, Clark is a “specialist at self-reinvention and assisting others in making life transformations.” Her books have been published in eleven different languages. has further information and a free self-assessment.

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