The Little Colonel’s Knight Comes Riding By Annie Pdf

The Little Colonel's Knight Comes Riding By Annie Pdf

Download The Little Colonel’s Knight Comes Riding By Annie Pdf book free online – from The Little Colonel’s Knight Comes Riding By Annie Pdf book; “What a very human and very feminine angel of glory it is,

” he thought. But the next instant, still with the amused smile on his face, he was spurring his horse down the road as fast as it could gallop. The girl on the ladder had caught sight of his reflection in the mirror as she reached up to lay it on the window sill, and had turned a startled face towards him. Not for worlds would he have had her know that he had been so discourteous as to sit staring at her. He had forgotten himself in the interest of the moment.

Eager to find out who the new tenants were at the Lindsey Cabin, he rode rapidly on, turning from the woodland road into a maple-lined avenue leading back to the post-office. Just as he made the turn another surprise confronted him. He almost collided with two girls who were hurrying along arm in arm, under a red parasol.

Both Lloyd Sherman and Kitty Walton were old friends of his, but he had to look twice to assure himself that he saw aright. They had been away at school all year, and he had not heard of their return.

“I thought you were still at Warwick Hall!” he exclaimed, dismounting and stepping forward with bared head, to shake hands in his most cordial way. “When did you get home?”


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