The Little Black Rose by Piper James Pdf

Download The Little Black Rose by Piper James Pdf.What do you do when one of your best friends is unlucky in love? You become his wing-woman, obviously…

Sam Simmons has quickly become one of my best friends. We were thrown together when our B.F.F.’s fell in love, and the connection was instant. He’s the yin to my yang. The peanut butter to my jelly. The chocolate to my bacon. Wait…what? Gross.

Anyway, when Sam gets all misty-eyed over his sad, cobweb-filled dumpster fire of a love life, I devise a plan. We’ll go through his little black book––who knew there was an app for that?––and set up second-chance dates with each woman with whom he’s failed at finding love. I’ll be the ultimate wing-woman, a creeper who observes from the sidelines so we can figure out what he’s been doing wrong…

But the plan backfires in a big way, and I’m falling for him. I want him, but if things go sideways, I could lose him, completely.

What am I going to do now?