The Jewish Phenomenon: Seven Keys To The Enduring Wealth Of A People

The Jewish Phenomenon

The Jewish Phenomenon – Why have Jews risen to the top of the business and professional world in numbers staggeringly out of proportion to their percentage of the American population? Steven Silbiger has the answer. Based on the author’s synthesis of wide reading and research, The Jewish Phenomenon sets forth seven principles that form the bedrock of Jewish financial success.

With startling statistics, a wealth of anecdotes, and the fascinating details behind some of America’s biggest business success stories, Silbiger convincingly shows how these seven keys have helped the Jews historically and how they continue to ensure Jewish success today. More important, the author makes clear that these principles are equally at the disposal of Jews and non-Jews alike. The amazing success of the Jews simply proves that they work.

The Jewish Phenomenon pays tribute not merely to the success of a people but to the commonsense wisdom and enduring values that can enrich us all.

Book Review by Dextra L. Suggs

After having read, The Jewish Phenomenon, by Steven Silbiger, I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment; namely, that the implementation of seven key principles of Jewish living is a doable recipe for success for anyone willing to implement the process.

The Principles:

1. Real Wealth is Portable: It’s Knowledge
2. Take Care of Your Own and They Will Take Care of You
3. Successful People Are Professionals and Entrepreneurs
4. Develop Your Verbal Confidence
5. Be Selectively Extravagant but Prudently Frugal
6. Celebrate Individuality: Encourage Individuality
7. Have Something to Prove: A Drive to Succeed

Yes, I think the book pays a little too much lip service to the Jewish persecution theme; then again, it adds depth to the creation, application and implementation of the principles. The truth is, Jewish people have mastered survival and are to be admired for it. The accomplishments attributed to the Jewish culture are so completely out of step with their aggregate population that it truly represents a clear cultural phenomenon. If you’re not a cultural hater and want to implement a set of successful concepts into your life this book helps. I’m looking forward to applying the principles in my life forever.

Editorial Reviews


Silbiger has written a lively account that entertains and will get you thinking (again!) about its ever-fascinating subject matter. (Chicago Jewish Star)

About the Author

Steven Silbiger serves as the senior marketing director at Plymouth Direct, a creative television-marketing services company. His first book, The Ten-Day MBA, has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide. Silbiger worked as a certified public accountant for a nationally recognized accounting firm for three years prior to receiving his Master’s of Business Administration from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. He lives with his wife and two children in Philadelphia.

Originally published: 25 May 2000

AuthorSteven Silbiger