The Inevitable Spring by N. P. Cooper PDF 

Download The Inevitable Spring by N. P. Cooper PDF book free. Archmage Heramiir’s army is on the march. Not yet ready for war, Jayden and his advanced class of apprentice magi find themselves left behind in Aramar while King Erian’s forces move to intercept. When a Gift-sensitive assassin begins hunting those magi remaining to defend the capital though, Jayden’s extraordinary power marks him out as the primary target of a violent and capricious assailant.

One determined to grind down Aramar’s defenders at any cost. As the death toll mounts, Wyll and his squad of mageguard are ordered out of the capital on a desperate assignment. Still new to command, and with little chance of success, Wyll must keep his squad together and alive through a mission that would try the metal of even the hardest of veterans. The winter snows have melted, and The Inevitable Spring is upon them. Not everyone will survive. The Inevitable Spring is the second spellbinding installment in The Destroyer’s Wrath saga. With vivid action, deep characters, and a fully realized world, you’ll be up all night with this one.