The heresy within by Rob j Hayes PDF

The heresy within by Rob j Hayes PDF

Download The heresy within by Rob j Hayes PDF book free online – From The heresy within by Rob j Hayes PDF: As any warrior will tell you; even the best swordsman is one bad day away from a corpse. It’s a lesson Blademaster Jezzet Vel’urn isn’t keen to learn.

Chased into the Wilds by a vengeful warlord, Jezzet makes it to the free city of Chade. But instead of sanctuary all she finds is more enemies from her past. Arbiter Thanquil Darkheart is a witch hunter for the Inquisition on a holy crusade to rid the world of heresy. He’s also something else; expendable. When the God Emperor himself gives Thanquil an impossible task, he knows he has no choice but to venture deep into the Wilds to hunt down a fallen Arbiter. The Black Thorn is a cheat, a thief, a murderer and worse. He’s best known for the killing of several Arbiters and every town in the Wilds has a WANTED poster with his name on it. Thorn knows it’s often best to lie low and let the dust settle, but some jobs pay too well to pass up. As their fates converge, Jezzet, Thanquil, and the Black Thorn will need to forge an uneasy alliance in order to face their common enemy.


I want to say that this is a great book for the author’s first effort, but it’s pretty damn good for any author. The story braids the narrative of three POV main characters in a way that lets you know what’s going on, but retains an element of mystery. Those characters, while maybe not lovable, are intriguing. Their motivations and personalities are thoroughly explored, and make sense, even if they aren’t noble. The ancillary characters are a lot of despicable fun. The world is harsh, but vivid. There are a few moments of clunky prose and word choices that hurt pacing, but otherwise, this story is lightning-quick.

Having already read Hayes’ Best Laid Plans duology, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more of the world and getting a few cameos from the later series. (Or is it the other way around?) Having read BLP, I also happen to know that Hayes only gets better from here.

The bottom line is that I had a terrible time putting this book down and bought the second one within minutes of finishing the last sentence.


Having served in a hundred different offices as a keyboard monkey Rob J. Hayes finally decided to follow his life long passion of daydreaming. After writing a small horde’s worth of short stories, he released his debut dark fantasy trilogy “The Ties that Bind” in 2013 as an indie publication and followed it up with the steampunk caper “It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise” in 2014.

In 2017 he released his piratical duology, Best Laid Plans, and in 2018 the first book, Where Loyalties Lie won Mark Lawrence’s Self Published Fantasy Blog Off.

Rob has now tried his hand at Science-Fiction (Drones, 2018) and Military Fantasy (City of Kings, 2018), and even East-Asian influenced fantasy (Never Die, 2019).

“One of self publishing’s rising stars” – Mark Lawrence, author of Prince of Thorns

“Hayes spins a tale like a wushu master spins a kick – with deft speed, grace, and bone-crushing impact.” – Dyrk Ashton, author of Paternus

“Books like this deserve to be read by all lovers of fantasy. It’s got just about everything you could ask for in the genre; and a few things you’d never think to ask.” – Filip,

“Hayes writes some of the darkest and most brutal fiction around.” – Fantasy Book Review

“Rob J. Hayes remains one of the best writers of grimdark fantasy around and should always be mentioned with Erikson, Lawrence, Abercrombie, and Morgan. He is a master of making compelling and memorable characters that always capture your attention.” – BookNest


The book certainly brought all the feels, and elements of all characters. Throughout the novel, the story is smooth and generally moves along well. At the end of the day if you are looking for something that you have read similar to this before and don’t mind another, then this will satisfy you. If you are looking for something more than just an average read, that you will want to engage with, then this is also something you will enjoy.

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Details About The heresy within by Rob j Hayes PDF

  • Name: The heresy within (The Ties that Bind Book 1)
  • Author: Rob j Hayes
  • ISBN:  B0728DQVP5
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Dark Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Horror, Epic Fantasy
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 426
  • Price: Free

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