The Heart That Returns by Kit McKenna Pdf

Download The Heart That Returns by Kit McKenna Pdf.Veronica Priddy was only trying to do a good thing by reuniting a grandson with his dying grandfather.

However, the grandson turned out to be nothing like what she’d hoped. Instead of a joyful reunion, an even deeper wedge is driven between the two men.

In the midst of saying goodbye to her friend, she meets a man who could be her everything, until he walks away leaving her with more questions than answers. Although things didn’t go according to plan, she did all she could and resolves to soothe her wounded heart and fulfill her dreams of a family on her own despite losing out on love once again.

Takoda Nomee knew he’d be hurting Veronica by walking away. He adores her, but he had no choice. He can only do what needs to be done while hoping someday to return to her and get the chance to win her heart once and for all.

But you know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished and Veronica becomes the target of an unhinged man who feels he’s been wronged and is intent on vengeance. Will they be able to join together again before everything burns to the ground?


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