The Haunted Gathering by Michelle Dorey PDF

The Haunted Gathering by Michelle Dorey PDF

Download The Haunted Gathering by Michelle Dorey PDF book free online – From The Haunted Gathering by Michelle Dorey PDF: From bestselling author Michelle Dorey, a new episode of ‘The Haunted Ones’, spine chilling tales of ordinary people confronting unspeakable evil

A chilling tale of ghosts and the occult.
The picturesque resort in the Catskill Mountains is haunted. If only the friends planning their annual reunion had known this.

The wealthy heiress, Dara, purchased the abandoned Gabbinger’s Resort with a dream of restoring it to its former elegance. Before she was able to complete the project, she inexplicably died on the property.

Now, a year after her death, her three best friends are summoned to gather in her memory. Since finishing college, they would all reunite for a girls’ weekend. This year was supposed to be Dara’s turn to plan and host. From beyond the grave, her last will and testament gave instructions for her friends to spend the weekend at Gabbinger’s Resort. As if heartfelt grief of their friend’s death is not enough, the women are shocked to learn that Dara has bequeathed each of them a fortune. Providing they remain on the property for the entire weekend.
Cindy, the practical career focused friend thinks this is stupid.
Melanie, the flighty one is fascinated.
Becky, a psychotherapist is curious—why would Dara want them here?

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It’s only two nights. It would honor Dara’s last wishes in addition to making each of them fabulously rich.

When darkness descends on the first evening, they laugh off the sudden and mysterious appearance of small gifts. They’re only a little startled by things crashing around in the kitchen. Someone’s trying to spook them; big freaking deal.
Their bravado is tested when they begin to uncover long-held secrets. Secrets about each other, secrets about Dara, and long-hidden secrets about the evil that infests the very walls of this place. Hungry evil relishing fresh victims with a mighty fury.
In a night of terror, they know they’ll never be the same. If they survive.

Dara didn’t.

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