The Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook: The 17 Skills Leaders Need to Stand Out

The Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook: The 17 Skills Leaders Need to Stand Out

Download The Harvard Business Review Manager’s Handbook: The 17 Skills Leaders Need to Stand Out PDF book free online – Whether you’re a new manager or looking to have more influence in your current management role, the challenges you face come in all shapes and sizes — a direct report’s anxious questions, your boss’s last-minute assignment of an important presentation, or a blank business case staring you in the face. To reach your full potential in these situations, you need to master a new set of business and personal skills.Buy From Amazon

Packed with step-by-step advice and wisdom from Harvard Business Review ‘s management archive, the HBR Manager’s Handbookprovides best practices on topics from understanding key financial statements and the fundamentals of strategy to emotional intelligence and building your employees’ trust. The book’s brief sections allow you to home in quickly on the solutions you need right away — or take a deeper dive if you need more context.

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Keep this comprehensive guide with you throughout your career and be a more impactful leader in your organization.

In the HBR Manager’s Handbook you’ll find:
– Step-by-step guidance through common managerial tasks
– Short sections and chapters that you can turn to quickly as a need arises
– Self-assessments throughout
– Exercises and templates to help you practice and apply the concepts in the book
– Concise explanations of the latest research and thinking on important management skills from Harvard Business Review experts such as Dan Goleman, Clayton Christensen, John Kotter, and Michael Porter
– Real-life stories from working managers
– Recaps and action items at the end of each chapter that allow you to reinforce or review the ideas quickly

The skills covered in the book include:
– Transitioning into a leadership role
– Building trust and credibility
– Developing emotional intelligence
– Becoming a person of influence
– Developing yourself as a leader
– Giving effective feedback
– Leading teams
– Fostering creativity
– Mastering the basics of strategy
– Learning to use financial tools
– Developing a business case

HBR Handbooks provide ambitious professionals with the frameworks, advice, and tools they need to excel in their careers. With step-by-step guidance, time-honed best practices, real-life stories, and concise explanations of research published in Harvard Business Review , each comprehensive volume helps you to stand out from the pack – whatever your role.

About the Author

For over 30 years, Bob has worked with Senior Executive Teams and Boards on their most vital strategic and organizational challenges, both as a consultant and a corporate executive. He is considered one of the world’s leading strategic facilitators, having designed and conducted offsites in sixteen countries with companies ranging from Fortune 10 multinationals to German mittelstand family businesses. 

Bob is the author of four Harvard Business Review articles: Off-Sites That Work (June 2006, co-authored with Logan Chandler), When Teams Can’t Decide (November 2008), Who Really Makes The Big Decisions in Your Company? (December 2011), and Leadership Summits That Work (March 2015, co-authored with Cary Greene). HBR named When Teams Can’t Decide one of ten ‘must read’ articles on teams

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