The Golden Age By Kenneth Grahame Pdf

The Golden Age By  Kenneth Grahame Pdf

Download The Golden Age By Kenneth Grahame Pdf book free online – from The Golden Age By Kenneth Grahame Pdf book; Grahame’s reminiscences are notable for their conception “of a world where children are locked in perpetual warfare with the adult ‘Olympians’ who have wholly forgotten how it feels to be young”–a theme later explored by J. M. Barrie and other authors. –Wikipedia

 The estrangement was fortified by an abiding sense of injustice, arising from the refusal of the Olympians ever to defend, retract, or admit themselves in the wrong, or to accept similar concessions on our part. For instance, whenI flung the cat out of an upper window (though I did it from no ill-feeling, and it didn’t hurt the cat), I was ready, after a moment’s reflection, to own I was wrong, as a gentleman should. But was the matter allowed to end there? I trow not. Again, when Harold was locked up in his room all day, for assault and battery upon a neighbour’s pig,–an action he would have scorned, being indeed on the friendliest terms with the porker in question,–there was no handsome expression of regret on the discovery of the real culprit. What Harold had felt was not so much the imprisonment,–indeed he had very soon escaped by the window, with assistance from his allies, and had only gone back in time for his release,–as the Olympian habit. 

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