The Game Called Revolution by Scott Kinkade

The Game Called Revolution

The Game Called Revolution – Taking place during a French Revolution that is familiar yet very different, this steam-powered story depicts the adventures of the Ordre de la Tradition, a group of elite knights and other exceptionally talented individuals, led by the cool and confident Jeanne de Fleur, who answer only to His Majesty, King Louis XVI.On July 14, 1789 (Infini Calendar), the Ordre is called to the Bastille to investigate a mysterious message that has appeared in the cell which formerly belonged to the diabolical Marquis de Sade.

While they are there, the prison suddenly comes under attack by an angry mob. They soon discover that this is not an isolated incident; the Palace at Versailles is also besieged around the same time. Someone is stoking the fires of revolution, and if the Ordre can’t stop them, millions could die. Fortunately, Jeanne’s left eye could turn the tide of battle if she survives.


About the Author

He lives in Oklahoma and writes sci-fi. He enjoys anime, manga, videogames, movies and, of course, books. He has been previously published in Steampunk Tales.

He also tries to educate people about personality disorders and depression. You can watch anime-styled awareness videos he made on his YouTube page: