The Frayed Edge by Lyra Blake Pdf 

Download The Frayed Edge by Lyra Blake Pdf book free. Warring personalities laced with undeniable attraction… and a safeword. Chase Stevens is a fixer, he makes problems disappear for a living. His nature is controlled, Dominant in the bedroom, but when his best friends’ sister Isabella Rivera is near, he loses grip on that tight restraint.

Their personalities can’t help but clash while sizzling attraction simmers underneath the surface. Consent is everything in the lifestyle, and Isabella is reticent to give up her freedom and independence to allow Chase into her heart. A broken heart and shattered soul reach for each other, searching for a way to live again. An invisible threat turns into very real danger when Isabella disappears and Chase races to find her in time. When her world falls apart, he must put his own feelings aside and do what is best for Isabella. Can they move forward together, or will the frayed edges of life separate them forever? Content Information:This novel contains elements of the BDSM lifestyle between consenting adults. While the relationship between the main characters is not dark, many would consider this book a dark romance. The subject matter also includes dark themes that may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.