The Flair By Jonny Newell PDF

Download The Flair By Jonny Newell PDF book free online – From The Flair By Jonny Newell PDF: The Flair could’ve been famous you know! But sometimes life isn’t written that way. Join the ‘The Flair’ as they take to the road and the life of would-be rock stars cover band starting way back in the politically incorrect 1970’s. A humorous journey of life over 4 decades with characters you won’t forget for a long time!

Follow the eyes of their bass player – Tiny Ian Thomas or Tit for short, with his bandmates Joey on guitar, Cess up front on vocals and the ever-so crude Stiffi on the drums! There’s sure to be a lot of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and just maybe love even rears up its ugly head on the way! The road can get bumpy so pull up your Levi’s, put on your best band shirt, grab a can and light a smoke as the van’s leaving now!


At rehearsals, Joey made an announcement.

“It’s time we played a proper gig boys,” Joey now had our full attention, “there’s a band competition at Henderson’s Music shop on Saturday mornings.” The rehearsal was dead silent with panic glancing from one to another, I twiddled my bass tuning key and Stiffi dragged on his fag as he sat cross-legged behind his drum set. Joey might as well have told us we were going to have teeth pulled. “If we make it to the grand final and win, we’ll get free recording time and shit loads of gear and c’mon … think about it, we all need to get better shit than the crap we’re playing now!” Oh! I get it now; we’re going to win! Someone better tell Cess that because he looks like he just gone and lost something in his undies!

“Do you reckon we’re ready Joey?” Stiffi asked what we all we thinking as a puff of smoke billowed from his mouth so Joey continued,

“Of course we are! Look … we have got to start playing live someday and it might as well be this. You only have to play four songs in the first heat and if you get through to the final (he dragged on his cigarette), you get to do a full thirty-minute set.”

“Ours or other people’s songs?” I asked as I took a swig of my Coke.

“Doesn’t matter.” Joey had planted the seed.

After discussing it, we all agreed our originals were the way to go and started picking out which songs we would play. We all knew ‘Web of Lies’ was our best and decided to save that song for the big finale. Open with a newie ‘Dirty Money’ it had a great G-F-Am run starting with just Joey cranking it out, followed by Stiffi bringing the drums in with one of those Quo type floor tom build-ups, I’d come in with a big bass slide and we pump it out to the end – it was solid!

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