The Escape by Rhiannon Lee Pdf 

The Escape by Rhiannon Lee Pdf

Download The Escape by Rhiannon Lee Pdf book free. Ruby and her crew of mismatched bandits hate robbing banks. But the days of sneaking into empty warehouses to snatch valuables are long gone.

And a girl must do what a girl must do after all. Especially when her brother is being held hostage by a greedy galactic powerhouse who demands outrageous monthly payouts. If Ruby and her crew refuse, her brother Feran is a goner. And all because of a teeny tiny heist gone wrong. But what the crew doesn’t know is that Hensley, crazy villain extraordinaire, is not as dumb as she seems. When Ruby’s crew starts pushing for a permanent plan to escape her money hungry clutches, they discover listening devices on their ship. Add that to their revenge seeking ex-crew member Teron, and it’s one interstellar disaster after another. Now Ruby and her crew must figure out a way to not only get their ship back, thanks to Teron and his antics, but also come up with a plan to rescue Ruby’s brother before it’s too late.

  • Ruby & The Bandits is a full-length book broken down into four parts for those who enjoy novellas and quick read content. Each part will be released less than a month apart, so no long waits!
  • Content warning: This book contains some adult language, lots of humor, and tons of adventure.


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