The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology PDF

The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology PDF

Download The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology PDF book free online – From The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology PDF: Atherosclerosis is the most significant cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Vascular biology is the key to understanding how atherosclerosis arises and operates. The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology is a rich and clearly laid-out guide by leading European scientists providing comprehensive information on vascular physiology, disease, and research.

The textbook covers molecular findings and novel targets within the speciality while also providing the basics of vascular biology and disease pathophysiology. It also covers the major changes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis that have occurred in recent years, developments and recent breakthroughs in the field are specifically highlighted.

The official publication of the ESC Working Group on Arthrosclerosis and Vascular Biology, this print edition comes with access to the online version on Oxford Medicine Online, for as long as the edition is published by Oxford University Press. By activating your unique access code, you can read and annotate the full text online, follow links from the references to primary research materials, and view, enlarge and download all the figures and tables.

The textbook is also linked to the ESC’s online learning platform (ESCel) and their core specialist training curriculum (ESC Core Curriculum). The textbook particularly appeals to vascular biologists, cardiologists, and other practising clinicians.

About the Author

Rob Krams, Chair in Molecular Bioengineering, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College, London, UK,Magnus Back, Senior Consultant in cardiology, Department of Cardiology, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Professor Krams holds a Chair in Molecular Bioengineering at Imperial College, London. Prior to joining Imperial College he worked as Associate Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, Thoraxcentre in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and as associate professor/chair in the department of Medical Physics, Free University in Amsterdam. He received his Medical Degree and Ph.D. from the Free University, Amsterdam in 1989.

His research is focussed on the molecular mechanism underlying biomechanical stimuli.

Associate Professor Magnus Back is senior consultant in cardiology and research team leader at the Center for Molecular Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden. The research undertaken has two main focuses: lipid mediators and valvular heart disease.

Download The ESC Textbook of Vascular Biology PDF

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