The Enchanted Castle By E. Nesbit Pdf

The Enchanted Castle By  E. Nesbit Pdf

Download The Enchanted Castle By E. Nesbit Pdf book free online – from The Enchanted Castle By E. Nesbit Pdf book; A fairy tale in which strange and delightful scenes are brought before the eyes of Jerry, Jimmy and Kathleen, through the means of a magic wishing ring.

“I wish it was a cave,” said Jimmy; “but of course it isn’t.”

“If we blow the horns perhaps it will be,” said Kathleen, and hastily blew her own.

Gerald reached his hand through the bushes. “I can’t feel anything but air,” he said; “it’s just a hole full of emptiness.” The other two pulled back the bushes. There certainly was a hole in the bank. “I’m going to go in,” observed Gerald.

“Oh, don’t!” said his sister. “I wish you wouldn’t. Suppose there were snakes!”

“Not likely,” said Gerald, but he leaned forward and struck a match. “It is a cave!” he cried, and put his knee on the mossy stone he had been sitting on, scrambled over it, and disappeared.

A breathless pause followed.

“You all right?” asked Jimmy.

“Yes; come on. You’d better come feet first–there’s a bit of a drop.”

“I’ll go next,” said Kathleen, and went–feet first, as advised. The feet waved wildly

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