The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell Pdf

The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell Pdf

Download The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell Pdf book free online. The early 10th century AD in Britain was a period of transition. There are additional Viking incursions from Ireland, as well as internal Saxon strife over Mercia’s leadership. A new generation is rising to power. Athelred, the King of Mercia, is passing away without a rightful heir. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

The West Saxons demand their king, but Uhtred had long backed Athelflaed, the widow of Aethelred and sister of King Edward of Wessex. Athelflaed is well-liked and respected, and she has all the qualities of a leader – but will Saxon warriors accept a woman as their ruler? Rivals are preparing to compete for the vacant crown. In the end, it will be one champion, one hero, who will vanquish the rising Viking menace to Mercia – and decide England’s fate.

With this eighth installment in the epic Saxon Tales series, we’re reminded why Bernard Cornwell is “the most prolific and popular historical novelist in the world today,” according to the New York Times.

About the Author

Bernard Cornwell was born in London and worked in television before marrying and moving to the United States. He wrote a novel after being denied a work visa and has continued to write ever since. His current popular book, THE LAST KINGDOM, is set during the founding of England, and he is a brilliant storyteller with a passion for history. Bernard makes a guest appearance in season three of this popular Netflix comedy. Filming for the fourth season is now underway.

He’s also the author of THE GRAIL QUEST series, set during the Hundred Years’ War, THE WARLORD chronicles, set in Arthurian Britain, several standalone novels, one non-fiction work on Waterloo, and the SHARPE series, which he started with.

Download The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell Pdf


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