The Edge of Doom By Mash Keitumetse Pdf

The Edge of Doom By Mash Keitumetse Pdf

Download The Edge of Doom By Mash Keitumetse Pdf book free online – from The Edge of Doom By Mash Keitumetse Pdf book; A tragic love story with a sad ending. Marianne is running away from watching the love of her life with another woman: the man who introduced her to all the fantasies and pleasure of adulthood. She runs away heavily pregnant and dies in a hospital bed after giving birth to twins. The twins are separated and one is trying to dig up her past and look for her family.

In this quest, Mavis loses her dad and eventually finds out that the twin brother she been looking for is her boyfriend’s cheating lover, David. Mavis’s twin brother commits suicide after realizing that they are dating the same guy (Brian.) Can Mavis live on to endure the pain? Read on…


Marianne had hopes of a better future, at least she thought, after falling in love with a guy she had grown up to know as a brother. But it was not always like that. Her love for her brother cost her a life, and the life of her twins.

John knew from the beginning that he was calling for trouble for himself and for Marianne. She was young, naïve and unprepared. He couldn’t resist. The death of Marianne’s parents made every mistake possible for these two. Had they lived on, maybe, Marianne wouldn’t have had to go through a lonely, depressing pregnancy.

The introduction of Jane into the love twist between her and John threw her out of the picture. She was determined to let go, to move away from the pain of seeing the love of her life with another woman. But where was she headed? A heavily pregnant 20 year old? To life or to destruction?

She would walk, come day or night. But it was not going to save her, in the dark streets of Francistown, trouble awaits her. Will she be able to reach her destination, the only place she know she was headed? In the hospital bed, cold and weary, she gave birth to twins, the bundle of joy she died before giving names.

‘Ma’am they are twins, what would you love to call them,’’ the nice nurse had asked her. She was tired, but in her own mind she had reached the destination. She can now rest. But what of the two babies she left behind?

Mavis grew up in a children’s village, bubbly and full of life. She enjoyed the privileges of every child.

‘Mave my daughter, you should tell all your fears and dreams to God.’ Mother Superior had once told her when she had asked about her  parents  and  why  they  were  living  in  such  a  big  place comprising of many children. There, she had learnt to pray for inner peace, for forgiveness and for the strength to face her future. At 18, she will leave the Children’s village and start a new life away from foster parenting. Is she ready? Will she be able to face the future and make peace with the past she doesn’t know yet?

“Here is a photo album I got from the midwife who assisted your mother at the time. It is the only thing I have for you, I hope it comes of help to you.”

‘Thanks Mother Superior’’, she had taken the album and hid it under her pile of clothes. She was not going to go through it sooner. She has  exams  to  write  in  order to  get  herself  a  place at  the University. Anything else can come after that.
Anything else that came after needed a stronger person. Will Mavis shoulder on? In her tertiary life she began her journey to look for her parents. It was in this journey that she lost a Dad and a twin brother. The family she never had, but vowed to live for.


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