The Dragon’s Second Chance Pdf

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Livvie makes me want to take another chance on love…

I didn’t truly comprehend the strength of the fated mate bond until I met Livvie. She’s all I can think of, and I want to claim her as my own. She hired me to fix up her business for her, but I need more. Can I convince her to take a chance on a dragon who’s been hurt before?

I have too much on my mind for a man…

Ever since coming back to Bluewater I’ve wanted to fix up my grandmother’s B&B and launch my career. Then I start developing magical powers – or maybe I’m going insane. I can handle those two things, but there’s no room for anything else on my plate. Especially not Wes, the hunky contractor I can’t get out of my mind. But the more we work together, the more I want him, even when I find out his big secret about him.

I’m already freaking out about being a witch… how am I supposed to also be a dragon’s mate?


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