The Don by Katrina Jackson Pdf 

Download The Don by Katrina Jackson Pdf book free. Salvatore. Last spring I spent one afternoon claiming Shae’s body and giving her my heart in return. After months of dreaming about a woman I could never keep, she walks back into my life, and I never plan to let her go again.

Unfortunately, someone is trying to kill me, but someone is always trying to kill me. The only difference this time, is that I can’t toy with my would-be murderers for sport. My only mission is to protect Shae and the future we could have together. I have no problem killing everyone standing in my way. Shae. Soooo… I’m single, pregnant, in Italy, definitely in danger, and I think, maybe, a little bit in love. I could be high on the pregnancy hormones, but after months of stress and worry, Salvatore’s single-minded focus on feeding me and making me come feels like heaven. There are a few more guns than I’m used to, but at the end of the day this is the man and the life I deserve! Content Warnings: Shooting deaths. Kidnapping. Physical violence