The Divine Comedy MMIX By Walt Sautter PDF

Download The Divine Comedy MMIX By Walt Sautter PDF book free online – From The Divine Comedy MMIX By Walt Sautter PDF: Yes! JC is back! “What would Jesus do?” That is the question that is to be answered.

This time things are different. Hiring the help isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s not that simple to get good apostles these days! Political correctness and modern culture make things tough on the old Messiah. Even the miracles have their problems. And, of course, his nemesis, the old Tempter, is constantly popping up to make it even more difficult.

The Divine Comedy MMIX Irreligious Humor in Five Acts “He’s back and it just ain’t the same!”

“If you don’t laugh out loud, I’ll give you your money back! Oops, I forgot, it’s FREE!”


It’s a beautiful day in heaven, blue skies, occasional white puffy clouds, a light breeze and of course, perfect temperature. It’s an everyday in heaven!

GABRIELE enters with wings and wearing a white robe.

GOD old man in a white robe, with flowing white beard. God is in His splendor, seated on his throne.  

“Why are you always sneaking up on me like that? Can’t you flap a wing or something to let me know you’re here?”

“Sorry Sir! I just kinda thought that you knew I was here. You being all-knowing and such.”

“That’s right, I am all-knowing, but I use the all-knowing for the big stuff, like keeping the planets going the right way and the sun working; not to check out the little stuff, like you sneaking up on me all the time.
So what is it that you want?”

“Well Sir, there’s a lot of talk going on down there lately.

“Talk about what? Where?”

“Earth, of course Sir. They’re talk about the Second Coming. The Rapture!”

“The raptors. Don’t tell me that they’re extinct already? I planned on having them around for at least another hundred thousand years! What did it? That global warming thing?  
Wait till I get my hands on…  
On second thought, let me call Al Gore.”

“No Sir! Rapture! Not raptor!”

“Oh! Rapture!

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